Download: ~~~~~~~~ Story: ~~~~~~ I was searching for an little addon to check the "BRD Personalausweis"-ID cos' I've worked on a commercial shop which offers sex toys but children stuff, too! I found two things: "" and "age-page by" - The first service is not under my control and I find it too dear. - The second one is very immature, can be spoofed pretty easy and is not adapted to the codestyle/integrated functions! These are the reasons why I've worked on it! What it does: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A user has to specify his "Personalausweisnummer" (own graphical form) if his age is 18 or above ('day of birth'-field)! You, the admin, can put on/off the 'only-adults'-feature in each category. It will be checked in every category or product in this category. In case the user will be dectected as a minor he will be redirected to the 'access-denied page' (integrated into the index.php)