Create multiple product auctions in osCommerce Originally based on another auction contribution (credits.txt included) this is a total rewrite due to the original having unworkable code. At 27 odd files this is quite a large contribution although changes to core files has been kept to very very little. Full instructions are included: Package includes: - * Auto Installer * Upload folder (contains all files new to oscommerce) * Modified files folder (files where we are modifying oscommerce code) * Documentation folder (install instructions including manual file changes - new code syntax highlighted) Features:- * Multiple auction products * Products with attributes can be auctioned * Products can be bought as normal even if auctioned * Standard product price shown above auction price (including addition of attributes value) * product info page refresh options in admin * My Auction view in My Account * Inform current highest bidders of new bids * Inform winning bidders at end of auction * Product added to cart of winning bidder at end of auction (Can't be removed by them) * Valid HTML (I hope) * Compatible with PHP4/5 MySQL4/5 * Error free (error_reporting(E_ALL)) * Compatible with .. RC2a, 2.0 Final (lower probably will work but untested) Feedback and bug reports appreciated as always. Support forum