Sort Products By Dropdown

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution allows you to sort the products in a category by multiple methods, by best sellers, products name, and by price. The best sellers are updated daily by cron job and you can set the number of days back to look at sales to base your best sellers on. The way sort by price and name is pretty straightforward, the way best sellers works is each order counts as one sale so if someone orders 50 of item (A) and item ( B ) is ordered 5 times but only 1 each time, item ( B ) will show 5 sales and item (A) will show only 1 so the one that was more popular with multiple people will be ranked higher -- item B. This can be changed by modifying the code in cron_update_bestsellers.php slightly if you wish to count by total number of items sold instead it is noted how to do so in the code.