- Password protect migration utility to avoid usage from third parties - Link to OSCommerce MySQL Database - Link to CE Phoenix MySQL Database - Link to file structure for OSCommerce Export - Link to file structure for CE Phoenix Import - Test server to make sure PHP and MySQL are setup correctly - Tests read/write/delete security - Upgrade old OSCommerce Data - Detects OSCommerce data version by the state of what upgrades are missing. - Applies upgrades to the database to upgrade OSCommerce to 2.3.4 - Choose what data to migrate - Queries the OSCommerce tables and allows you to choose any tables you want to transfer, including custom tables that your mods have created - Check targeted tables in CE Phoenix to make sure table is empty - Will use the selected tables from the “Choose what data to migrate” and compare those against the target CE Phoenix tables and alert you to any required changes - Transfer MySQL Data Now - Will apply any required changes based on previous alerts in previous steps - All targeted tables in CE Phoenix will be emptied before being populated. There are warnings beside tables in previous steps to avoid this on some tables like “configuration” table - Any missing tables will be created to match the OSCommerce specs for that table - Any missing columns will be added to tables prior to import to make sure any custom data is not lost - All data from OSCommerce database will be migrated to CE Phoenix database - Transfer Images Now - All image files and folders will be migrated from OSCommerce to CE Phoenix - English language file for all text (Language Switch functionality to come if enough interest) Forum discussion thread: https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/496174-oscommerce-to-cephoenix-migration-utility/