Cash desk

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

CASH DESK. This expansion I made because we had the opportunity to use the data from the database table products during flea markets and calculate the cost. I have created a CASH DESK program where you can create a cash receipt during the flea market by pressing the NEW button After that you can enter the article numbers (products_id) and press search The data is displayed, populates the number of items sold and press calculate and save. then you can repeat this operation many times as needed. If you do not have an item number, you only fill in the description and number is manual and is displayed. The green bar shows the total amount. Below the entry section, the items are displayed with buttons like UPDATE and REMOVE. By pressing the UPDATE button, the data is displayed at the top and you can change it. Pressing the REMOVE button removes the complete line. After each share, the total is recalculated in the green bar. If you have a previous receipt, press the SEARCH button next to the NEW button Choose the date and a search dropdown menu will appear, you can select a receipt and by pressing the same SEARCH button, retrieve the details of the selected receipt. Do you want to know what your total has sold that then click in the upper green bar next to Administration on the MOBILE CASH OVERVIEW link. Click on the date and the daily return will be displayed Before returning to the cashier click on the MOBILE CASH link in the upper green bar. If the customer wants a Bon, they can be sent by Email. To do this, press the EMAIL CONFIRMATION button in the checkout. You can then enter an email address and after sending the SEND MAIL button, the email will be sent. A copy will appear on the screen. Before returning to the cashier click on the MOBILE CASH link in the upper green bar.