Email for Quote v1.1

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Overview -------- This mod shows a "Email for Quote" mailto: link to STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS instead of product prices. You can choose to have all prices hidden and an email link provided instead or if you choose, you can have only those products that have no price show the quote link while any product that does have a price will show normally. Ability to add items to the cart that should go to quote has been disabled (buttons removed for those items). An additional feature allows you to run the addon in testing mode such that you can choose a customer id to use during testing and when you are logged in as that user, you will see Email for Quote in 'no price' mode (mixed mode) whereas your customers would continue to see your site in 'always' mode (all products get email links). This will allow you to run tests on ordering, financial gateways and the like without having to manually hide pricing and/or functionality and has the added bonus that your customers can still browse your goods and contact you for purchase during the time you are actively developing your site and/or wrangling with your chosen gateway :)) Controlled through admin configuration section.