Sort Product Options v1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

********************************************* Author: J$ ( Adapted from osCommerce 2.3.1 History v1.0: Initial Release Requires jquery (tested with jquery-1.4.2) jquery-ui sortable (tested with jquery-ui-1.8.6) Seperate Pricing Per Customer -,716 Note: SPPC is not required, but snippets of it exists within the code below. It can be removed by finding and deleting code between BOF SPPC and EOF SPPC comments. Purpose Sort attributes on product info page. osCommerce falls short when it comes to product options. As of osCommerce 2.3.1 attributes are listed in dropdown according to id which sometimes results in product options with an increased price selected by default. This uses jquery-ui to make options draggable and sortable so that the dropdown will be in the sort order made by the admin. It also attempts to cleanup the options by having option names and option values on separate pages. Option values can be viewed by the option name. If the optional contribution is also used attributes can be viewed, added, and deleted directly on the edit product page resulting in a table with only the attributes corresponding to a single product. From the author You are encouraged to improve, tweak, adapt, translate, or modify this contribution. I am releasing this contribution because I needed the functionality and made the modifications. Unfortunately the modifications were made on a store that already had many contributions installed. This code may not plug and play well with your store, but I hope that it ensights creativity and provides the majority of the work needed to accomplish your goals. Please email me, j$, at for support or if you have any questions/comments. *********************************************