Enhanced Vendors 1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This has been tested and works on 2.2MS2. For 2.2MS1, it should be compatible, however, have not tested This vendor contribution is the first part in a developing multi-part contribution for vendor, product, inventory purchasing, receiving, and management. The vendor contribution allows you to Add/Edit vendors (no delete, for historical record keeping purposes). It also allows you to add an unlimited amount of vendors to a single product, for those stores who have the ability to get products from different vendors. Deleting a product does not delete the vendor. Deleting a product from a vendor's list does not delete the vendor. Vendor management is in its own Left Nav Admin box. Product mapping to vendors is done when you edit a product, there is a button for "vendors". There is not a customer facing portion to this, this is admin only.