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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

There are already a number of 'news' contributions that have been made for osCommerce. I tried all of these first, the following were the outcomes: - one implored me _not_ to install it if my admin folder was installed in my catalog folder (which it is). - the other two were in German, and BabelFish didn't translate them very well. This contribution aims to alleviate all of these problems. It currently has the following features: - News is stored in the database. - News display on homepage -- achieved with a 'module' type interface, similar to the 'new products for ...' box that is already there. - Doesn't display the module if there is no news to display. - Number of news items to display can be configured from the existing administration interface. - The news can be controlled from a new administration page that ties in both visually and behaviourally with the existing interface. - Articles can be activated and deactivated -- If you write up an article then realise you put it up too soon, you don't have to re-type it!