JcM Footer Stock Banner V1.0 Phoenix

for osCommerce Online Merchant vPhoenix 1.0

JcM Footer Stock Banner V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple header add-on that lets you place banner at the bottom of your site. This makes use of the stock banner manager that comes with osC. It’s a no core change add-on. Simply install and turn on like any other add-on. Once it’s installed simply go to admin tools/banner manager and add your banners. Make sure to add it to the footer group or it will not work. These can be text or images just follow instructions in admin. Remember to add your URL link for each banner or you will get a 404 error. The banner can be configured in admin and you can select which pages it is to be shown on. The text message is optional and can be turned on or off in admin. The actual text is set in the language file. That’s it enjoy. It has only been tested on Phoenix 1.0.1.X only.