Released MIGS Payment Gateway Integration for osCommerce under GNU. Author: Cameron Manderson Thanks to Richard Lee for additional testing/modifications and merchants who helped with the development. Supports both integration models: - Server-hosted Payments Integration Model, or - Merchant-hosted Payments Integration Model Tested server hosted in production across a number of different osCommerce merchant websites. Tested working through Bendigo Bank (Aus) and ANZ (Aus/NZ). Should work with any MIGS based payment gateway provided by banks (maybe Commonwealth bank CBA (Aus)?). Simple extract and configure. No server side software installs. Uuse bank supplied details, no need for configure of return paths etc. Note: Requires base package CURL w/ PHP. Complete to MIGS VPC Client Integration (Not cut down). Fully commented so you can understand how it works/extend if required. Package comes with screenshots (so you can see before you install) and Integration Guide (RTF) so you can install easily. Development for ZenCart postponed, suggested patches please send through using email in source file.