for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This mod extends the osC-Affiliate module by giving each affiliate their own, separately branded storefront with their own customizable subset of the main inventory. UI changes: 1. When an affiliate registers, there are a couple of extra fill-in fields asking for a header image and homepage. 2. When a customer clicks on an affiliate banner, the default osCommerce logo will be replaced by the header image, and clicking on the header image will send the customer to that affiliate's homepage. 3. After an affiliate logs in, there is an extra button labeled "Products". After clicking on this button, the affiliate may browse through the master inventory and select or deselect products for their store by clicking on the green/red "lights," respectively. SQL changes: * A new table, called affiliate_products, is added. * Two fields are added to the affiliate_affiliate table. * Nearly all the SQL select statements in the catalog area are changed to link in the new table. ********** IMPORTANT ********** This mod REQUIRES the osC-Affiliate mod BEFORE installing this mod, you need to install the latest available versions of both osCommerce and osC-Affiliate. You may retrieve osCommerce from: and osC-Affiliate from: Please do NOT try to install this mod on top of an already-working store. If you do, you're on your own and I will NOT help you. You have been warned. **********************************