Customer Testimonials

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This addon (Customer Testimonials for osCommerce version 2.3.4 - v1), like the original “Customer Testimonials, lets customers write testimonials about your site or your products. You approve or not in admin. (screen shots included in the package) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This new addon is built on "Scrolling Customer Testimonials with reCaptcha - version 1.11a", which was built on the original "Customer Testimonials" code base (v3). Both of those versions were written for osCommerce version 2.2 and can be found here and here respectively. All credit to the original Authors. The "Scrolling Customer Testimonials with reCaptcha - version 1.11a" has been heavily modifed for osCommerce version 2.3.4, thus creating this new version of the addon. This addon is for a new install only. There is no upgrade path from previous versions of "Customer Testimonials", which were designed for osCommerce version 2.2 This addon has been designed to be installed on osCommerce version 2.3.4 and has been tested using I.E. and Chrome. If you intend to install on osCommerce versions 2.3.1 to there are a couple of additional steps to perform which involves upgrading your jQuery files for correct operation of the scrolling “Testimonials” Infobox. This has been tested with a stock standard osCommerce version 2.3.1 and worked without issue. These additional steps are not required if you do not intend to enable scrolling or you are using osCommerce everion 2.3.4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0 of this new addon contains the following features: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGES: Code changes conforming to osCommerce 2.3.4 coding standards (and tidied up code). "Scrolling Testimonials Info Box" can now be added as a module through "Admin->Modules->Boxes". The settings which apply to the "Scrolling Testimonials Info Box" are now controlled from within the admin module box (separated from "Admin->Configuration->Customer Testimonials" configuration). For example: - "Static" or "Scrolling" - "Direction of scrolling" - "Scrolling box height" (this now sets a minimum height) - "Scrolling speed" - "Scrolling pause time" (NEW - the time that the currently showing Testimonial will pause for inside the info box before scrolling to the next one. Still pauses on mouse over) - and more options...... (These settings have been moved from the "Admin->Configuration->Customer Testimonials" configuration settings. "Admin->Configuration->Customer Testimonials" still contains other configuration settings for the actual "Customer Testimonials Module", that displays a list of "Customer Testimonials" in the store.) Improved the styling of "Customer Testimonials" in store and admin. Improved functionality on image upload in admin when editing existing Testimonials or adding new, ie. image is not lost if there are errors in the form. Split customer_testimonials.php language file into customer_testimonials.php and customer_testimonials_write.php to separate the language definitions relating to each catalog files: customer_testimonials.php and customer_testimonials_write.php. Updated languages supported by reCaptcha. Updated links in reCaptcha admin to point to google, who now maintains reCaptcha. MARQUEE tag no longer used for infobox scrolling of Testimonials. jQuery animate now used for scrolling. This removes gap in between last and first Testimonial during scrolling. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW FEATURES: Set "Number of testimonials per page" for the "Customer Testimonials" that display in the store (shows page numbers/page links at top/bottom of page). "Set age to delete old testimonials". Button now appears in admin "Testimonials Manager" to manually delete Testimonials older than the admin predefined number of days. If a language has been removed this will be highlighted in admin "Testimonials Manager" for any Testimonials that used that deleted language, and a button will appear allowing you to delete all Testimonials that use the deleted language. You can either delete these Testimonials or edit each one and enter a new language. When deleting Testimonials you now have an option to delete the image. (Will not delete image if used by another testimonials) If JavaScript is enabled in the user's browser, then when viewing the list of "Customer Testimonials" in the store you can click to expand (and contract) the partly exposed Testimonial to read the full Testimonial, this also shows/hides the image if there is one. When viewing a single Testimonial the full testimonial and image are displayed. The "Customer Testimonials" module and the scrolling "Testimonials" infobox can fully function without JavaScript (in static mode) if JavaScript is disabled in the user's browser. JavaScript form error checking functionality introduced to "Write Testimonial" so a popup appears if there are errors when submitting the form, like other osCommerce forms. (Errors still captured if JavaScript is disabled) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL FEATURES: Admin functions in dedicated Configuration menu for the "Customer Testimonials" module. Captcha security verification on testimonial submittals. (Captcha verification can be enabled/disabled) Captcha admin functions (set public/private keys) have a separate admin area. Captcha code can be used elsewhere on your website. Localized testimonials. Testimonials appear in user's language. (Option in admin to allow users to view Testimonials for all Languages) Original admin functions: - Enable/Disable Customer Testimonials module ("kill switch") also disables the "Scrolling Testimonials Infobox" - Enable/Disable customer image uploads as part of testimonials - Turn on/off users ability to email authors - Enable/Disable reCaptcha to protect testimonial author's email address - Enable/Disable reCaptcha form verification/security function for the "Write a Testimonial" form (anti-spam bot) - Limit Testimonial viewing to registered users - Limit Testimonial writing to registered users - Option for static or scrolling testimonials feature in the Infobox (controlled from within the admin "Testimonials" Module Box) - Various other settings to control scrolling features (NOW controlled from within the admin "Testimonials" Module Box) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEATURES REMOVED: "Testimonials Language Default" has been removed from the Configuration menu for the "Customer Testimonials Module" (in "Admin->Configuration->Customer Testimonials"). Default language is automatically taken from the current store language when a customer is submitting a Testimonial. And now, if admin adds a new Testimonial or edits an existing Testimonial, the admin is forced to enter an existing store language when entering "Language (directory name):" in the form field. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language support for this new addon: - English Other original Languages are not supported: - French - German - Portuguese (This Customer Testimonials version includes the english language only and not the other languages included in previous versions of Customer Testimonials. Reason is, there a many additions and changes to the original english language files. The other languages files haven't been updated because I do not speak these other languages, so they haven't been included in this package. If someone wants to update the other original language files from the previous versions of Customer Testimonials and include them in this new version then please do so.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full instructions included in package. Report problems or leave comments on the forum support thread located at the link below (any feedback is welcome):