Browse by Categories

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Browse by Categories v1.0 for 2.2-MS1. Displays a content box in the main page (default.php) with top and sub-level categories of current category level. Administrators can select to disable this content box from displaying or enabling it as a text link type or an image link type. Administrators can also select number of links to display per row and if sub-categories are to be displayed on the right side of each category. This contribution adds a new configuration group, with ID 101, to the database. This new group is associated with 4 new configuration entries: DISPLAY_BROWSE_CATEGORIES to enable/disable displaying the content box, BROWSE_CATEGORIES_TYPE to set link type, DISPLAY_BROWSE_SUB_CATEGORIES to enable/disable displaying the sub-categories of a category and MAX_BROWSE_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW that must be set to the number of maximum categories to display in a row. Check the sql file for the default configuration values of each entry. If you want to see a demonstration, check this demo online shop, running at Bare in mind that the text is in Portuguese.