Automatic detect visitor's Browser language and redirect him to the proper language of your store! Tested to work without any problem in most major web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Avant browser, Google Chrome...)! You can see a live example in my website: Support forum: By using this contribution you overcome the "problem" that all your store visitors initially land to the OsCommerce default language, and they must afterwards choose their preferred language! They will still be able to choose themselves their preferred language the only difference this contribution does is that they would land initially on their browser language page that you have set, instead of the OsCommerce default index.php page! In many major professional websites like or they have ip geographical detection and automatic language redirection according to their visitor's location, this contribution offers a kind of similar language redirection but according to your visitor's browser language! This contribution is very useful to all of those store owners that have installed and offering more than 1 language to their visitors! Some people claim that search engine robots do not like redirections, well I have covered this case by placing normal links in the body of the index.html, the robots can see these links. In order for this automatic redirection to work the visitor has to have javascript enabled, but I have also included a automatic redirection after 3 seconds to the default OsCommerce language just in case! There is really no need for you to backup your site before installing this contribution because it does not alter anything in your store! Either you want it and so you have to add the index.html file in your store root directory or you do not want it and you have to delete the index html file! There are no modifications done to any of your store files or code! However I suggest you to backup your store as I always do before adding any contributions! I have included in the zip file an index.html file. You have to place this index.html file to your store root directory next to the index.php of the oscommerce package! The trick that makes this language detection and proper redirection is that most web servers and web browsers are tuned to first visit index.html files and afterwards the index.php file! I have tested this contribution to all OsCommerce versions and everything works properly! BE CAREFUL before you put it in your store root directory you have first to change all instances found inside the index.html file of my website replacing it with your website URL. You can edit the index.html file even with a simple notepad!