Product Info Page Box

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This contribution will change the way that the product_info.php displays the product information. It does this by changing it in the following ways 1) Removes the standard product name and price 2) Adds a new box to the left of the product image that is 50% of the center column width 3) Removes the Attributes and the 'Add to Cart' button from below the product description and places them inside of said box 4) Adds Manufacturer information inside of box (Manufacturer, Link to Homepage, Link to Other Products) 5) Adds the following buttons: 1) Reviews - This adds a popup that will display reviews for product as well as give a button link to 'Write Review' 2) Tell a Friend - This adds a popup that will display a form the customer can fill out to email a product to a friend 3) Ask a Question - This adds a popup that is similar to the 'Contact Us' page. It includes the product name and a link to it automatically in a hidden field so that the customer does not have to Screenshots Included Support Thread: