/////////Simple Visitor Newsletter with HTML Support v 1.0 Created By Central50 ///////// I have searched and looked at different contribs for this purpose, but how complicated can you be? Do I really want to sit here for 4-5 hours adding coding, making sure it works with my shop, etc? And I did not see good reviews about them either. Well I got fed up and created my own. What this does is adds an info box where your visitor can enter their e-mail address to receive newsletters. Simply enough? It also checks to see if the e-mail address already exists in your visitor table, as well as it checks to see if your visitor is really a customer. If either of those values are true, it will say that account exists already. This prevents multiple newsletters being sent to the same address. Now here is the kicker, when that visitor turns around and registers for an account, create_account.php will check to see if the e-mail exists in you visitor table. If their e-mail is there, it will delete it and automatically turn their newsletter sub on. So pretty much what that means is they will be a newsletter sub still and not have multiple newsletters sent to them. Also included is HTML support for your newsletter. You might not know, but stock OSc Newsletters only send out in text format. The new newsletter module file included in this package has a fix that I found on the forums. Might as well as throw it into a contrib, but the credit for that is deserved to the person who wrote it. I will later create the ability for you to edit the e-mails in the visitor table, see the list, send only to those visitors, etc. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ---------- ALWAYS BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP