One Folder Template System

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

One Folder Templates is a CSS-based WordPress style template system, designed for the <a href="" target="blank">CSS to OSC contribution</a>. Templates are loaded into OSCommerce as a single folder and matching configuration file, and automatically display in the admin panel, where the templates are activated/deactivated with a single click. The single template folder holds the elements required to completely redesign an OSCommerce shop running on the OSC to CSS conversion. These templates are stored in a catalog level folder, templates, separate from the normal OSCommerce file structure. Each template folder contains a unique stylesheet, buttons folder, plugins folder and a special images folder. This installation will load two complete working templates, to include the original OSCommerce site. An unlimited number of templates can be preloaded ready to activate. Using the Template System To create a new template, and thus a new web design for an OSCommerce Shop, you only need to change the elements grouped in the templates folder. This means instead of working within the catalog pages, your design efforts are focused on the stylesheet and template images folder. As a demonstration, the templates provided with this contribution differ only in the stylesheet and several background images referenced from the stylesheet. The CSS layout in the catalog pages is designed to accommodate virtually any design, and provides unique classes and ids on nearly all elements in the catalog pages. For example, the product listings have unique classes for the price, name, buy_now button, etc. A great variety of layouts can thus be achieved, to include controlling the column count of the product listing, simply by changing the stylesheet. The same flexibility and system of unique classes and id is designed into the shopping cart, the infoboxes, product page and account page layout as well as the overall page layout. Using One Folder Templates, web designs can created that are portable across OSCommerce shops converted to CSS with a simple file upload and a one button admin install.