Tracking Module for 2.3

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This contribution is a PHP class to integrate couriers' order tracking systems into osCommerce. The idea is to allow people to easily write their own "plugin" courier modules to support their preferred courier. This is an update (for 2.3 compatibility) of the original contribution by chris23 which can be found at The courier modules included there can be used with this contribution with one small modification described in the installation.txt Functionality 1. Simple installation / upgrade / removal of courier modules 2. Enabling / disabling of installed courier modules. 3. Tracking ID validity checking. 4. Adds full tracking information to customer's order update e-mail. 5. Adds tracking IDs and courier logo to the customer's order history stack in account_history_info.php 6. Querying courier site via cURL / AJAX to retrieve courier details. 7. Full error handling of AJAX and cURL components. 8. Provides a simple way to "clean" returned screen grab for displaying in the results div. 9. Fully multilingual - this includes all JavaScript (generated server-side) & error handling messages. 10. Allows multiple couriers to be used at the same time. When a tracking ID is clicked in either the admin order processing screen or the customer's order history, the page will dynamically load the current status of the parcel using AJAX. All this is done in the background, without a page refresh and without your customer / the order processor leaving the site. Users having JavaScript disabled will be offered an alternative link to the courier's website, bypassing the AJAX function. Developers If you're looking to write your own module to support your courier, I have provided comprehensive documentation, sample code, sample installation documentation etc. to make the process as easy as possible. This is included in this zip.