Chatbot - Create AI backed Conversation

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

* RE-BUILT CHAT BOTS :Pre-built chat-bots with different intent, entities and conversation flows * MEMORY MANAGEMENT :Save key information from user inputs for later use, making human-like conversations * WEBHOOK :Add connections to your API and connect to external services * RICH MEDIA :Integrate rich messaging formats such as Image, buttons, cards, quick replies and carousels in your bot conversation * MACHINE LEARNING :The Bot responses get better with every human interaction * EASY TO USE :Sign-up now and integrate AI-backed chat-bots in few minutes on your website * AI Backed Conversation :Bot responses will improve with every user interaction. Bot memorizes each users flow and provides better paths for new users * Better User Experience :The bot uses multi rich media like images, carousal, emoji for better user engagement and experience * Easy to build :NotifyVisitors dashboard is user-friendly and creates a bot with step by step process