This contribution adds the ability to choose, from the within the Store Admin, the style of Product Listing you wish to use for your Store. You will now have the choice of the standard Product Listing (in a list form), or in Columns. You can change the look of your Product Listing Pages with a single click! This is VERY simple to install. INSTALLATION TIME: 1 minute! 1. Run the MySQL statement included in the readme.txt 2. Rename your existing catalo/includes/modules/product_listing.php to product_listing.old 3. Upload new product_listing.php That's it. Settings are in Admin -> MyStore -> Product Listing You should see settings for "Product Listing Display Style" and "Number of Columns for Product Listing". Make your changes and give it a go. Post any issues, comments or suggestions to the following thread... Let me know how it goes for you.