for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

OrderCheck. I want to thank "Mark Russell" for his original contribution "Logging orders before payment" without which I wouldn't have finished this contribution, learned so much, and pulled out so much hair! Thanks Mark! << not a joke! What is it ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OrderCheck is based on "Logging orders before payment". OrderCheck adds orders into a "holding" tables in case a customer doesn't finsih their payment through a service such as 2checkout. Features ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Being based on "Logging orders before payment" and "osC Orders", you can expect alot! - Orders are stored in the database (holding_blahblah). - Full Mutlilingual support. - code is (far as I know) fully osC standardized - Fits right in your site like a glove. - Admin section - "MOVE" which moves a problem order to your regular "order" area - ALL the functions of "Orders" - gee, I've added so many neat little things that I, myself, would have to take notes just to report back here.