Some users want to use the store as a catalog only without the shopping cart functions, this gives you total control via admin to turn it all off and back on again with a simple click in admin. This Contribution will enable or disable the shopping cart functions Leaving an information site. There are some contributions for this already but they lack the control and versatility that this add on gives you, if you change you mind and want to use the cart side then all you need to do is reset it in your admin, rather than change the code in the files. Global settings and multi Language supporting. Very easy to use once installed controlled via the Admin / Configuration / osC info The installer adds a new Configuration group with new lines to control what you want to be seen. * Show / Hide - Shopping cart Box * Show / Hide - Currencies Box * Show / Hide - Reviews Box * Show / Hide - Reviews on product_info page * Show / Hide - Prices, site wide * Show / Hide - Log in Links, and create account links * Show / Hide - Buy Now button on product_info page * Optional Some customers can be nosey, and look for the login page, shipping cart page, create account page etc... There is an optional setting that will stop this, it will redirect user to the index page. * Multi install, file overwrite for vanilla shops, or full manual instructions, both for the main add on and the optional add on * This was written on and for oscommerce-2.3.1 Install time by overwriteing files and adding SQL ... 5 minutes MAX Install time by manual means and adding SQL 30 minutes approx possibly less.