for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Convert OSCommerce 2.2RC2a to tableless CSS This file set replaces the OSCommerce html table structure based on <table>'s , <tr>'s, and <td>'s with CSS. The programming, the sequence and flow of the pages, and handling of data are otherwise unchanged. See screenshots and examples at http://www.niora.com/css-oscommerce.php Purpose: The primary purpose of this conversion is to facilitate web design and enhance search engine optimization. What Has Been Done: The table structure was extracted from the php and replaced with CSS for each page individually. The existing file and page structure was preserved and for each page the php and javascript remain in the same relative places. The difference is that instead of being surrounded by a sea of nested tables, the code will be enclosed by one or two <span> or <div> tags. The preservation of existing programming is such that the shop will function with a mix of converted and unconverted pages. Contributions Because the existing OSC 2.2RC2a file structure and programming has been left intact, existing contributions on the OSCommerce website should work with this conversion. The challenge will be to locate where in the converted catalog pages to place contribution components. The following contributions have been successfully tested on this conversion. Article Manager V1.57 HeaderTags_SEO V3 OT Discount Coupon Codes 3 34 ULTIMATE Seo Uris 5 r141 USPS Methods 4.3.2 XSell 2.6 UL Categories V1.1.2