Modular Category Page (bootstrap)

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Modular Category Page v1.0 for osCommerce 2.3.4 bootstrap (screen shots included) Easy Install. (one minor modification to index.php required) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PREREQUISITES: osCommerce versions 2.3.4 bootstrap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This add-on modularises "top level/nested" category pages by replacing current content with separate modules. Use it to replace the current "top level/nested" category content so as to enable easy install of future category modules, that either have enhancements to current category content or to add modules with new features. It works similar to kymation's "Modular Front Page Module". Modules are installed as new separate modules for each section of content that normally appears in "top level/nested" category pages. It includes Category Name, Message Stack, Category Description, Category Images and New Products as well as Upcoming Products (new) where the content displayed is targeted to that particular category and its subcategories. NOTE: "top level/nested" categories are categories that contain no products themselves but have sub-categories with products, where the "Sub-Categories" and the "New Products" for these sub-categories currently appear. If a "top level" category itself contains products (with or without sub-categories), then the contents of these modules will not appear. This is currently standard osCommerce behaviour of the existing category pages. This separate add-on "Category New Products Carousel (bootstrap)" can display on all category pages. Future versions of other modules may also do this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full package Install instructions included. Support thread: