NewsBox v1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

News Box Mod for 2.2 MS1 ----------------------------- This is my first contribution for OSC, the simple mod lets you create a News Box to display information scrolling vertically. The content is taken care of dynamically and can include anything such as PHP or HTML code and Flash & Images. The mod also allows you to administer the contents of the box through the Admin section of OSC. See install.txt file for full instructions, to modify the speed of the scrolling edit the mainnews.php file and change the javascript code scrollspeed=cache=2 to any number you desire (higher number is faster). Future plans for mod include the use of CSS styling for all content, better PHP driven admin section to allow users to update only content rather than editing the whole file and better DHTML/JavaScript code for more effects. A work in progress for the mod is to include the features of the best seller mod scrolling best seller product details and images. This could be adapted to display anything such as new products or expected products. Credits To: The OSC Team, Mattice for his excellent Define Mainpage v1.2 mod, and for the excellent DHTML/JavaScript resources.