Live Support phpOnline

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a fully featured and FREE Live Support software for your osC installation. It allows multiple administrative users, client side themes, and a slick admin interface. It is integrated into the catalog as an infobox and integrated into the osC admin as a clickable header graphic. Both the catalog and admin operate through javascript popups. All credit goes to Dayana Networks Ltd. who created this fabulous software. I just modified it to suit osC (they had even done the footwork for creating an infobox!). This package includes the latest version of the phpOnline live chat software (2.1.2) Official Website: Online Forums: Powered by I will not be supporting this through the osC forums as phpOnline has its own forum for troubleshooting. If you have cosmetic issues, suggestions, or changes that you have made that were helpful for further development, feel free to message or email me; however, please do me the courtesy of reading back through the installation instructions I wrote and phpOnline usage file 1st (before asking for help in troubleshooting). Thanks! Scott (olsonsp4c)