I wanted to show our costumers on a easy way what the stock of a product is, or the availability if not on stock. It will show a image and text what the producktstock or availability is. This contribution will show in productlisting and (if you want) on product_info page a quantity-image and text, indicating the product availabilty (or if you want) the exact stock. You can use your own images or translate text whathever you like: (End of Life, SOLD OUT, Few days, 1 a 3 days, week, call for a price, mail for a price, 1 on stock, 2 on stock, few on stock, Expect soon (new) whathever you want ect.ect...) Just look at the included printscreen to see what I mean. ATTENTION: TWO INSTALLATION INCLUDED A BASIC AND A EXTENDED (RECOMMENDED) INSTALL VERSION. Installation is easy 5 a 10 minutes, just two files to edit and add translated text to every languagefiles you have, english, german, dutch included already. (So Multi Language is supported) catalog/included/functions/general.php catalog/product_info.php catalog/included/languages/dutch catalog/included/languages/english catalog/included/languages/german catalog/images/ <all.images.gif> Included: Screenshots of the produktlisting and productinfo page so you can see how it look likes. All changed files in there original OsCommerce folder Manual for installation in case you have already have some contrib. or whatever installed. quantity images (also some extra images and a photoshop.psd included) Multi Language supported and included for english, german, dutch. For Questions or remarks on Oscommerce forum: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=115143