Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search v1.0 for osCommerce 2.3.4 bootstrap and 2.3.4 standard (non-bootstrap) (screen shots included) Install as a module, for both BS and nonBS versions (no code modifications required) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This addon uses twitter typeahead for autocomplete drop down search results when typing keywords in the quick search bar. More information can be found here "". Works with existing Quick Search bar. Displays produt image, product name, manufacturer, model and price for each item. Utilises the hint feature after typing a certain number of characters. Closest matching autocomplete search results can be displayed at the top of the drop down list. Matching keywords can be highlighted in the search results autocomplete list. Ability to show a product preview when using up/down arrows to scroll through autocomplete list. Clicking on or hitting enter on an item in the list will re-direct you to that product's info page. Settings in admin to turn on/off/adjust various features. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full packages (for both non-bootstrap and bootstrap) 2 separate folders with instructions. (please use the correct one) Support thread: