Products Specifications

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This addon is being developed to allow the addition of an unlimited number of specifications to the site's products. These can be used for: 1. A table of specifications on the Product Info page. 2. A comparison table showing the specifications of a group of products. 3. A set of filters to allow the customer to show only products that meet certain criteria. This could be all AGP video cards with 256MB of memory, the parts for a 1992 Yugo, or anything else you might want to set up. ================================================================================ *****WARNING**** -=Development Code=- This code is currently under development. Consider this an early Alpha release at best. Parts of the code are extremely buggy, and the rest is incomplete. Or missing altogether. Don't even think of installing this on anything except a development machine. Also, don't install it if you are not at least moderately familiar with PHP and MySQL and willing to at least look at both. This addon will be replaced with a new one when the code is ready for release. ================================================================================ Comments and suggestions thread: