-------------------------------------------------- What is Leapfrog? -------------------------------------------------- Leapfrog is a refreshing way to look at the behaviour of visitors in your store. It lets you see what people are looking at on your site in realtime in a graphical format. DEMO AVAILABLE AT: http://www.oscommerce-tips.com/leapfrog/Leapfrog.html Leapfrog can: * Be installed in minutes, like any other contribution * Update automatically - no need for constant page refreshes * Be a more visual and fun way to track visitors -------------------------------------------------- How It Works -------------------------------------------------- Think of Leapfrog as a ladder. Recent visitors are at the top of the ladder, older visitors are at the bottom. Whenever a visitor interacts with your site they are moved from their current position to the top of the ladder. When a visitor stops clicking, they gradually slide down the ladder as more recent visitors battle for the top spot! The last three clicks for each visitor on the ladder are displayed, along with their IP address, total number or clicks, refering URL and total time on your site. -------------------------------------------------- Information For Developers -------------------------------------------------- Leapfrog is written in Flex and PHP. Flex is a programming language that is compiled to a SWF file that can be run in Flash Player. To edit some of the advanced features of this contribution you will need the Adobe Flex 2 SDK. This is FREE and can be downloaded from: http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/sdk/