Kancart Magento HTML5 Mobile Template /

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Kancart Magento HTML5 Mobile Template / Theme & Native APP API Service Kancart.com provides a fast on boarding iOS, Android native app and HTML5 mobile template / theme solution. This is the osCommerce server side extension to provide API service for all Kancart mobile client. You can also use this as your osCommerce Open API platform. This is a http/json API service for osCommerce (user, address, item, shopping cart, checkout, order, full shopping life cycle support). This is a user scenario oriented design API service, not object oriented API service. For example, it will combine several http requests into one to reduce whole client loading time. osCommerce Mobile Template, osCommerce Mobile Theme, osCommerce Mobile app Key Feature: Full QR-code support. Support QR code scan checkout. Switch template in a minute. Change color, picture, text in a minute. Publish mobile promotion page in a minute. Push message center to push message to mobile user. Full Google Analytics support. Free mobile network acceleration. Support different shopping cart and dozens of mobile templates (continuously release). Publish your mobile site in 30 minutes!