iOSC Mobile Version for OSC 2.3.3.

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This Version iosc 5.2. for OSCommerce 2.3.3. is based on iOSC3 version iOSC3 v5.1(rev3) for OSCommerce-2.2rc2a: Changelog iosc 5.2. for OSCommerce 2.3.3. versus iOSC3 v5.1(rev3) for OSCommerce-2.2rc2a: * Code clean-up and update to OSC2.3.3. code in all files. * mobile_product_info.php includes support for additional images, pop_up image updated to OSC2.3.3. style, html-support added. * mobile link box updated to OSC2.3.3. style box (bm_mobile_version.php). * mobile_shopping_cart.php updated to OSC2.3.3. style (update or remove added to each product). * all absolute links to the image folder have been changed to relative links for compatibility with image cache contributions. Full Package