RBS Worldpay Form

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is an updated version of Harald Ponce de Leon's payment module. Have read many stories of the callback page not working correctly and Worldpay failing to pull in the Payment Response Page. If the previous callback page did display it would leave customers stranded on Worldpay as it relied on javascript button click which Worldpay now strips out automatically. The callback page has been updated with deprecated code removed. This should ensure the display of the callback page regardless of PHP version or Server platform (nix, windows etc) Also payment failure response message has now been included and will direct members back to the payment selection page of your store so they can try again (but also removes their previous order from the database and restocks). This contribution is offered as is. As always backup your database before installing and test thoroughly before production use. Would have offered this as an update on the original contribution but it's been locked. Forum for this module is located here http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/350058-updated-rbs-worldpay-form-module/ Description taken from original contribution: WorldPay Select Junior uses HTML forms to pass information between your site and the WorldPay Payment pages. This is the most straightforward integration method, requiring only basic internet development skills. It enables you to offer a secure payment environment to your shoppers, a wide range of payment methods and currencies, and provides flexibility in the look and feel of your payment pages and confirmation emails. If required, you can also add extra encryption. The WorldPay Select Junior payment module supports the following WorldPay features: * Callback Password * MD5 Password