Supplier Admin Area V0.2

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Supplier Admin Area It's a contribution that allows you to create some suppliers and set a markup percentage for each one and select which categories they can add their products to with a login name and password. The suppliers can then login to their own pages where they can add products to their categories entering the cost price that they sell the product to you for. The front of the shop will show the list price determined by the markup on cost you had set for that supplier. The suppliers can only see and modify their own products and not any other suppliers. Once installed you will have a supplier box in the left admin menu where you add new suppliers, select there markup % and also which categories they can add products too. The supplier can login to add their products to your store at Here they can add products as well as being able to see how many items they have sold through your store each month.. Still in development, one or two little snags that need resolving, Released to enable faster delevopment.. Forum for this contribution can be found at:-