This contribution is a modified version of <a href="" target="_blank">Canada Post Automated Labels 2.2.1 AND Canada Post Shipping Module 4.1</a> released by insaini and includes the Log in fix by syn0ptic I have updated the install file with instructions to make it work with osCommerce 2.3.1. Using these instructions I was able to get the module to work on my XAMMP test server, I haven't tested it on a live server but don't see any reason why it shouldn't work if configured correctly. As with previous versions of the Sell Online shipping, You will need; 1) A VentureOne account ( sign up here: ) 2) Register for Electronic Shipping Tools by sending an email to (sending your Full Name, Company Name, Postal Code, Telephone Number, and VentureOne Number) 3) A Canada Post Business Profile ( sign up here: )