Basic Meta Tags

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

I made this small meta hack due to have a very easy drop in and replace meta tags alternative. Its based on the teori that simple metas with just the product name in them is the best, not necesserily my point of view mind you, but using this you will atleast benefit over no meta tags and/or poorly written manual ones. The meta tags you get with this is exactly the same as the auto fill function in the Header Tags meta contribution would give you. Included are pre-modded files with automatic meta tags for your products, categories, manefactureres and manual meta tags for your front page. Step by step instructions for use in modified shops is also included, aswell as instructions on how to add meta tags for the non dynamic pages of your web site too. This mod is also multilingual. This contribution is ofcourse GNU, and used at your own risk..and so on..... ;-)