Ebay manager

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This is an addon that allows you to bring most of Ebay funtionality in your store. It is for most parts multi lingual. I only have English language included. It requires no change to any files or any db tables. except It adds three values to order status table, and creates it's own tables I used two copies of categories.php one for choosing the product to add, and the other to add the eBay categories as you need them. they are a mess for now but they seem to work for me You start adding the categories the first time that you add a product to eBay. everytime that you try to add a product, it checks to make sure eBay havent made any changes to it's category structure and will delete all the categories if they have. When you reach a category level that you can add your product you will see the button to do that. You can choose a second category but there is a charge for that. You can add your product to ebay. It adds all your large images to ebay and the first one will be your eBay search result and main image. You an choose the format to list your product. Auction or Fixed price. It will add the manufacturer name and model as long as both exist. You can add BUYNow and reserve price to your auction. https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/411490-ebay-manager/