Login box V5.4

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

I have made some changes to this contribution. 1. Rewritten the script loginbox.php in the folder boxes making use of the html_output function for a form which is used throughout os-Commerce instead of using the ordinary html form setup. This is consistent with the design of the other scripts. 2. Lines added to the english.php (and dutch.php) instead of creating new files in the language folders. 3. Layout of login box slightly changed. 4. Added: BOX_LOGINBOX_TEXT_NEW 5. Changed: BOX_LOGINBOX_HEADING to BOX_HEADING_LOGIN_BOX (consistent with the others) 6. NOTE: When Logged off ... it is still a Login Box and when Logged in ... it is still a My Account Box. Go to: http://snowyimac.local/oscommerce/ to see it in action. You must first create an account. Your registration will be treated as fictional. The products purchased will not be delivered nor will the customer be billed. Have fun!