Alternative Administration System is an essential plugin for osCommerce , specially designed for task delegation and product management. At it's core, AAS allows the end-user to utilize basic and advanced osCommerce administrative function with added features for dynamic product manipulation. And best of all, it's free. Amazing new features that will completely reinvent the way you use osCommerce, for advance and novice users alike. It is what we like to call OFF-THE-CHAIN! Innovative way to manage products, and edit categories. Better multitasking tools with a new temporary products list. Sort and view your stock the way you want to with customized columns and category views. Display important product information directly in your full category view without having to run a special report. Easily manage and maintain your store's specials for products in a completely new way. Best of all is the completely reinvisioned Attribute Manager that allows for easy virtual product management. No more customer complaints because of faulty download paths. Coupled with the many available modules, you can turn your administration system into a complete all in one solution for your product management. Not sure what you may need? Check out the DEMO and see what you are missing. Easy installation and upgrade. 5 Minute installation, with easy to use module upload installations. Alternative Administration System, the complete store management in one! Developed by the renowned John Barounis, osCommerce developer of the month award winner. Download: Watch demo: Demo: Features: Screenshots: Testimonials: Discussion Board: Support: Donations: