Link with ABO Admin

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

OS Commerce and ABO Software. After installing OS_Commerce I realised that the administration of the webshop would become a lot of work. I was looking for a possibility to use the products in the ABO Administration Software for my webshop. After looking in the contributions I found easypopulate to import articles in a webshop. This became the base for this contribution. It does the following without a need of manual intervention: - Export all the products from the ABO Admin to the webshop. Complete information which contains description and detailed technical information. If a picture is available it is also exported. - If orders are placed on the webshop, the orders are automatically imported in ABO Admin. The status of the order on the webshop is changed from 1 to 2. The combination of ABO Admin and OS Commerce gives you a powerful solution to sell your products on the net, without an overload of extra work. You need version 5.2 of ABO Admin which contains the following functions : - Export products and put them in the temp-directory of the webshop. - Start the easypopulate to import the products. Since there can be a problem when using a lot of products, the data is split is files with 300 products. - Load the pictures of the products on the webshop in the images directory. - Import all pending orders on the webshop and change the order_status to 2. - Create complete orders in ABO Admin. If the order is placed by a new client, the client is automatically created. - Make reservations for the products ordered, so the stock is always up-to-date.