Complete Reviews System

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This osCommerce contribution modifies the exisiting reviews system to give the website administrator more power in how reviews get displayed. Parts of this system have been taken and modified from other review/approval contributions. Thanks goes to the contributors of those contributions for making this one possible. What I've tried to do is take the best features of those, combined them with my own ideas, to hopefully make the most complete reviews system for osCommerce. Changes to stock osC include: Added 'approved' field to table reviews Added logic to display either the 'reviews' button or the 'write review; button on product page Removed star rating system, which is too easily 'stacked' by the customer to be useful information Added capability to send an email to store owner when a review is added Added a 'disclaimer' to the write review page Removed text about 'no HTML displayed' since the HTML is stripped anyway, and most customers don't know how to write it--confusing to them Added 'thank you' page when a review is submitted Added ability for site administrator to write reviews: for example, when a book is reviewed in a national magazine Added ability for site administrator to edit, approve, or reject reviews