Max Order

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Based on osCommerce version 2.2-MS1 Copyright (c) 2003 osCommerce MAX ORDER - version 1.00 2003/04/27 JOHNSON - Copyright (c) 2003 Matti Ressler - This simple mod is a variation on Minimum price to order V1.7 by Joachim de Boer. It sets a credit limit on a per order/customer basis.It is compliant with multiple currencies, and each customer's credit limit can be set using the admin>customers module. The default limit is set in the max_order.sql file. You may change this before you execute the file or change it directly in the database - there is no provision for changing the default setting through the admin interface at this stage. HOW IT WORKS The customers credit limit is checked at log on and again when they click the checkout button. If the cart total exceeds their credit limit they are redirected to a page displaying how much above their credit limit the order is, with a link to the contact_us page. The limit is checked before shipping is calculated.