A better button template

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

osCommerce includes a PSD file that is a button template. However, the template lacks some of the icons used in the buttons. It is also only setup for one color. This contribution includes a layer for every icon needed. Also, the botton layer is the fill color. This means you can easily set the color to any you would like and still have all the added benefits of the template. Many of the template icons faded to blue. This template has them fade to transparent. The same is true of the rounded edges. The rounded edges fade to transparent, not blue. One problem is that the included file is an XCF file created with the GIMP. You can download the GIMP from gimp.org. Maybe somebody with a copy of Photoshop could contribute a copy of this template in PSD format. Here is a hint: After you customize the text and icon for a button, resave it as a new file and do the following. Delete all the layers that you will not need. Merge all the viewed layers into one layer ("Alt + M" in the GIMP). Crop the image to the proper width ("Shift + C" in the GIMP will open the crop dialog box). Index the images ("Alt + I" in the GIMP). Save the file as a GIF image.