Search Box Anywhere

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Search Box Anywhere About this contribution: This contribution will allow you to place a search box, not an InfoBox, almost anywhere on your site. There are two different types of search boxes to choose from, either a standard search box or an advanced search box with category selection. Each type uses advanced search and each has three options to choose from, a search box with a standard submit button, your site's default search image button, or no button. Code is provided for each type of search box and each option. A picture of each search box is also included with the code snippet. Installation is basically deciding on where you want to place the search box and then copy and paste the code. Credits: The code of this contribution is based on Advanced Search Header,,2536. So why not just update that contribution? Well, the Advanced Search Header contribution contains code that will hide the search box on certain pages. I wanted the search box to appear on every page without the category selection box, and I didn't want to take that option away from Advanced Search Header. Also, Advanced Search Header contained some HTML formatting that didn't work well with my layout. Support: Support and installation help for this contribution can be found in the osC forums at