* What this does: * Well, basically, I needed to be able to see what manufacturers were being ordered from when a customer placed an order. The reason for this is that I dropship and have many suppliers for my items. That being the case I found that some model numbers were the same, while the items were different across many manufacturers. Thus, I needed to see EXACTLY what was being ordered and from which supplier. This contribution simply puts the manufacturer's name on the invoice right after the product's name and attributes. * Who could use this? * Anyone who has multiple vendors, and doesn't wanna do alot of hacking as this is a simply insert code hack in one file period. I would suggest this contribution to anyone who dropships just to keep your own sanity ;-} I know there has to be a better way to come up with the products_id other than the way I've done it, and if I find it I will update the contribution. Until then this is the only way I could get the products_id to show. I tried using $orders->products[$i]['id'] and even though that SHOULD work it didn't so I'm stuck here. If you find a way to do this please let me know at shoppe@noblepagan.com. The reason for this is simple, if you have two products with the EXACT same products_name, then ony your first one will show, and that may or may not be correct. So far that is the only limitation to this contribution. I will update it as I find better ways of doing this. )O( Cloudrunner )O( The Noble Pagan http://www.noblepagan.com http://shop.noblepagan.com noblepagan@noblepagan.com shoppe@noblepagan.com