Multilayer SEO Pop Out Menu

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Multilayer SEO Pop Out Menu by FWR Media Robert Fisher Version 1.1.0 13th May 2008 License: Refer to standard oscommerce license Compatibility: MS2.2, RC1, RC2, RC2a PHP4, PHP5 MySQL4, MySQL5 (STRICT MODE) Valid XHTML 1.0 TRANSITIONAL What is it/what does it do? When you hover over a category, if the category has children it pops out showing the next layer of categories. It does this for multiple category layers. All links are shown in the source code as pure html links which can have SEO benefits because your deeper categories are shown on page one. The user also benefits because it is only one click to a category. Queries and efficiency This menu system only uses one query but that query is a full categories scan. There is an in-built system of caching which stores the categories array as a serialized file. The cache is very simplistic in as much as it does not have a "lifetime" however you can reset/rebuild the cache at any time via the admin settings. Is it easy to install? Very easy, only one piece of code needs to be added above the </head> to the catalog files (adding a stylesheet). One small change is made to includes/column_left.php. Support thread is ..