This is a payment module for Quickbooks Merchant Service (QBMS). I do not have time to give a full tutorial on how to setup your osCommerce application with QBMS at this time, but I will hopefully do just that within a month. An external tutorial is written at []. Currently, the module will display as "Pay By Credit Card" in the Admin interface. It should be near the bottom. The one near the top is a different module entirely. In order to use this module, you will need the following information that you will get after completing the steps described in the external tutorial: 1. Your application login 2. Connection Ticket 3. Location of your Intuit certificate (the PEM file you created) 4. IP address of your server Setting up QBMS with osCommerce is not for the faint of heart. However, this module will hopefully save time for those who can get the rest to work. I hope that future versions of this module will make the integration with QBMS easier.