for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

What is it ::: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NewsDesk is based on 3 files from the osC system. general.php (I had to change many of the functions to compensate for the different table and column names). catagories.php and catagory_info.php (These are the grunt files that I changed to run a news system.) NewsDesk is also based on latest_news by Will Mays <>. I had orginally started hacking his script to include images and languages but I kept having troubles due to my lack of programming skills. I did use some of his ideas, news image button and parts of his instalation guide. Features ::: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being based on catagories, you can expect alot! - News is stored in the database. - Full Mutlilingual support. - code is (far as I know) fully osC standardized - Fits right in on the top page of the site like the "New Products for February" box ;-) NewsDesk was released in February. - Like lastest_news it won't display news if status is set to "inactive aka red" - headline, summary, image, [read more] link on top page - [read more] full content page - News is full controlled by the admin area which looks and behaves just like the catagories/products section does. - status setting "red/green" to make articles active and inactive. - drop down menu to jump to catagory quickly - searchable news articles - picture upload - preview page just in case you flub-up ;-)