Product Types

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is built on top of osCommerce 2.2rc2a. It adds a "Type" to Products and Categories This allows us to group products (and categories) together, and use these groups in various ways. Basically, with this Contribution you can make "Presets" for products and categories. You can add functionality to these "preset" Product Types through the Admin area. An example: Let's say you want to add a function to your webshop, to print your catalog. (for example: PDF Catalog, PDF Price list, or Printable Catalog) However, you have certain products in your catalog that are not needed, or desired in this printable catalog. (Think of example products, or purely informative products) Using this contribution, excluding Product Types from such contributions becomes a much easier job! Please Note, adding such Options gets EASIER, NOT AUTOMATED! Some programming will (almost) always be needed, except for available Options and Contributions The Support Thread can be found here: